A small cone shaped robot with big black eyes stands alone against a bright backdrop of purple, pink and blue chevrons

Raised by Robots?

“Collision 2018 – Day Two” by collision.conf is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Raised by Robots? Amelia DeFalco and Luna Dolezal Since the term …

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Caméra de vidéo-surveillance

Vanishing and Surveillance in Pandemic Times

In Saleema Nawaz’s uncannily prescient 2020 novel Songs for the End for the World, a new coronavirus dubbed ARAMIS (acute respiratory and muscular inflammatory syndrome) rips through New York and rapidly spreads across the globe.

Two Chinese children playing the board game Go with black and white stones

Thinking about ‘the human’

Thinking about ‘the human’ Michael Szollosy I just finished watching a compelling, and emotionally moving documentary on DeepMind’s AlphaGo’s victory …

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