A Wellcome Trust funded collaboration investigating connections between disability, culture, design and technology.

Feature image: Cyrus Kabiru, C-Stunners. 2012.  Further information at artbaseafrica.org/project/c-stunners [CARL DE SOUZA/AFP via Getty Images]

About the project

We often hear stories of how technology is going to change our health futures. Developments in assistive technology – from prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons that can aid in recovery from physical injury,  to smart drugs that will help preserve memory in old age, and companion robots that will serve as carers –  promise  huge benefits to improved health. itDf asks what ideas of body and personhood are at stake Read more >>

About our research

Because it is a collaborative project, itDf has always been conceived as much as an exercise in working methodologies as research that focuses on specific subjects. We want to ask many questions over the period of our work, and these include explorations of how the team, coming from different disciplinary backgrounds, works together and how we share and how we share and learn from the perspectives of others. Read more >>

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