Four people – one in a wheelchair – sitting behind two desks and speaking to a conference audience with a screen behind them displaying a PowerPoint slide.

itDf International Conference in Leeds: April 25-26

On April 25 and 26, members of the itDf team, partners and associates gathered at the Queens Hotel in Leeds to discuss the many interactions between disability and technology and reflect on their future relationships.

A sign inside University building that reads ‘University of Pittsburgh: School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences’ and displays the University crest

Bodies, Technology, Touch and Telepresence: itDf visits the University of Pittsburgh

Team members Luna Dolezal and Stuart Murray visited the University of Pittsburgh in October 2023 to present itDf project work to staff and students, following an invitation from Mark Paterson in Pittsburgh’s Department of Sociology. Each spoke as part of the University’s Bioethics and Health Humanities series, co-sponsored by the Center for Bioethics and Health Law.

Book cover of Curious Kin in Fictions of Posthuman Care. The cover is white with the book title in blue lettering near the top. At the bottom is an image of two figures resting on a long, dark bench with their backs to the viewer. The figure on the left is a child in a blue shirt. They are leaning on a strange creature with wrinkled, pinkish skin which lies across the bench beside them.

Curious Kin in Fictions of Posthuman Care

The latest book by Professor Amelia DeFalco, Curious Kin in Fictions of Posthuman Care, is due to be published soon.
• A book-length study of narrative representations of twenty-first-century posthuman care that offers a unique, posthumanist exploration of contemporary fiction.
• Provides a new method for analysing and theorizing care and a significant new interpretation of the philosophy of care, contemporary literature, and posthumanism.
• Offers a novel, interdisciplinary approach to care that employs conceptual and methodological insights from contemporary literary and cultural studies.