itDf to have ‘Disability Futures’ programme as part of 2022 Leeds International Film Festival

by Stuart Murray

In conjunction with the Leeds International Film Festival, itDf has organised a special programme that will showcase a series of fiction, documentary and VR films across the Festival this November. ‘Disability Futures’ will feature nine screenings and three discussion panels, all focused on the relationship between disability and technology.

The films include the US documentary Eat Your Catfish, exploring one woman’s experience of motor neuron disease, and the Finnish feature The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic, a romantic comedy that morphs into a thriller as the disabled central protagonist embarks on a journey to see a friend. The programme will also include short films by the Turner Prize-nominated collective Project Artworks and the 25 minute animated Goliath, a powerful experience engaging with a man’s schizophrenia.

Full details of screening dates and tickets are available on the Festival website: