What is affective technotouch (and why does it matter)?

Amelia DeFalco and Luna Dolezal


This Editors’ Introduction defines the theme of ’affective techno-touch’ as referring to multidimensional embodied encounters with technologies which can trigger emotional and affective responses, while also being concerned with social, political, cultural and ethical dimensions of technological touch. With reference to neuroscience and developmental studies, we outline how touch is foundational in human experience. We then discuss contemporary technologies, such as haptic gadgets and care/companion robots, which illustrate the complexities of affective technotouch. Finally, we offer critical outlines of the six contributing articles to this Special Issue on Affective Technotouch.


Amelia DeFalco & Luna Dolezal (2023) What is affective technotouch (and why does it matter)?, The Senses and Society, 18:2, 85-91, DOI: 10.1080/17458927.2023.2167420